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RUSSIA Drunk President Yeltsyn - Best Compilation

Yeltsyn was the firs Russian president. He liked vodka, balalaika and dancing:) Subscribe to see more!

Drunk Boris Yeltsin, drunken Behavior of Russian president

The drunken behavior of Yeltsin, who was known for his fondness for vodka and ... Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin got so ...

President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin laugh attack


Boris Yeltsin dancing

(12 Jun 1996) Full Story: 28939 RUSSIA: BORIS YELTSIN WACKYS - YELTSIN DANCING You can license this story through AP ...

Highlights Boris Yeltsin (Funny moments)

The funny Boris Yeltsin while his presidency.

Drunk Boris Yeltsin

Yeltsin and Clinton. New York, Hyde Park, October 23, 1995.

Boris Yeltsin: Drunkest Man in History | Laughing Historically

In the one year anniversary episode of Laughing Historically, we go back to our roots, nudity and drinking. The Russian leader ...

Funny compilations moments of presidents. Yeltsin, Clinton, Obama, Putin, Bush, Medvedev, Merkel

Devlet yöneten başkanların komik anları. Boris Yeltsin Bill Clinton Barack Obama Vladimir Putin George W. Bush Dmitri ...

The day Boris Yeltsin said goodbye to Russia - BBC News

In 1999, Russian president Boris Yeltsin shocked the world by resigning during a TV address. His widow Naina Yeltsina ...

Russia - Former President Boris Yeltsin Dies

(26 Apr 2007) 520312 AP/Russian Pool Various, File AP Television News Moscow - 21 August 1991 1. Yeltsin waves Russian ...

Drunken President of Russia Yeltsin steps around Berlin

Drunken President of Russia Yeltsin steps around Berlin.

Boris Yeltsin's finest moments

Just remember -- this man had SEVERAL THOUSAND NUCLEAR WEAPONS at his disposal.

Blooper Clinton Yelstin

Clinton and Yelstin laughing . Yeltsin says that journalists are disasters

Unboxing Goddess Provisions ULTRA ASMR 👂🏻

Coucou ☺️ On se retrouve avec un petit unboxing de la Goddess Provisions de je sais plus quel mois, qui est pour le coup ...

Miloš Zeman - BEST OF kompilace

Hudba: The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Russia - Alcoholism In Russia

T/I 10:12:05 ONE IN 12 RUSSIAN MEN IS AN ALCOHOLIC Moscow, Russia Natsot Duration: 4.08" The top doctor dealing with ...

TOP 5 Drunken Politicians

TOP 5 Drunken Politicians 5

Boris YELTSIN, Russian President DRUNK in BERLIN

Boris Yeltsin, Russian President DRUNK in BERLIN K399 TVDATA